Blazor Tutorial

Learn Blazor by Building a Dictionary App

This ebook, will show you how to create a great looking and functioning Blazor Dictionary App that will get you started with Blazor. 

Everything included with a step-by-step guide with great tips-and-tricks on building with Blazor…


an easy-to-digest e-book from start to end to build the Blazor Dictionary App that will run in your browser or install it as a Progressive Web App on your mobile.


30 days money-back guarantee.
If you didn’t learn anything, ping me, and I’ll refund you.

20+ years of writing code - in the real world.

I have been involved in all aspects of software development from desktop to web-based technologies spanning many industries.

What you will learn...

Single Page Applications
What is Blazor
Why Use Blazor
Custom User Interface Designs
Launching your project

Thorough walkthrough & explanations

We will cover a range of topics with clear explanations and step-by-step walkthroughs to help you understand the problem and how to fix it.


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Build the Blazor Dictionary App with my step by step e-book

You won’t believe how simple it is to build a beautiful fully functional dictionary app. Get a ‘word of the day’ and search a full English dictionary, look up words and find definitions.

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