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Blazor Quickgrid

Learn a little more about Blazor Quickgrid a Simple Data Grid

Blazor QuickGrid sole aim is to provide a simple, convienet and extremely flexible componenet to help Blazor developers in their most common needs of developing simple data grids. 

Quickgrid performance is very impressive compared to other Blazor data grids and without the complex features that full blown commercial component have.

What is Blazor Quickgrid?

Blazor QuickGrid has been built by the Blazor team to offer an experimental data grid component. Offering a way to provide a reference architecture and an overall performance baseline.

Although Quickgrid isn’t officially part of .NET 7,  it is open source so can be used in a production environment. As developers give feedback, the decisions will be made if it becomes official and supported by Microsoft’s normal support.

Microsoft Blazor quickgrid has been built with the most core grid functionality and the key fundamentals for creating a basic data grid — performance, accessibility, internationalization and extensibility.

Quick start with Quick Grid Blazor

QuickGrid works with any Blazor hosting model – Server, WebAssembly, or even .NET MAUI and .NET 6 or later

QuickGrid Source Code